I’m Pete D’Abrosca, and I’m an America First Republican running against Rep. David Rouzer and the GOP Establishment in North Carolina’s 7th District. For too long, the Washington elites in the Republican Party have worked on behalf of corporate special interests, instead of their constituents. It’s why you elected President Trump in 2016. Now, Republicans need to send the President reinforcements to stand with him in Congress, and help enact his America First agenda. That’s why I’m running to be your Congressman. Support my campaign, and join the Republican Revolution.

Immigration: Immigration is the Number One issue facing America today. We must tackle it before our national sovereignty is erased by millions of foreigners who cannot speak our language, have not assimilated to our culture, and do not understand our values. The GOP Establishment simply refuses to tackle this issue, despite having a President in office who is more than willing.

  • My plan is to halt ALL immigration – legal and illegal – for a period of 10 years, or until such time as Congress implements a sane immigration policy based on merit, like every other civilized nation on earth.
  • This plan includes temporarily halting H1B agricultural work visas and H2B nonagricultural work visas, a complete end to chain migration and birthright citizenship, taxing remittances to Mexico to help fund a Border Wall, and deporting aliens illegally residing in the United States.
  • Exceptions to this policy will be made only in extraordinary circumstances.

Second Amendment: There is no right more fundamental than the right to keep and bear arms. It’s what makes us citizens, not subjects. Right now, the GOP Establishment is working with Democrats to curb your gun rights via “Red Flag Laws.” I plan to stand up against the weak Republicans who want to implement these unconstitutional laws.

  • Instead of punishing law abiding-citizens because small numbers of fringe wackos commit heinous crimes, we will deter such crimes from being committed in the first place.
  • I want to make mass shootings – defined as any incident in which three or more people are shot to death at the same time – a federal crime that carries with it an automatic death sentence if the perpetrator is convicted. Speedy execution is key to deterring would-be mass murderers.

Ending Wars in the Middle East

  • I was 9 years old on September 11, 2001. I’m now 27, and America is still fighting wars in the Middle East that have cost our troops life and limb, along with trillions of dollars. There is no plan for withdrawal, and no clear definition for what “winning” means in the Middle East. It is downright irresponsible for Washington’s white-collar elitists to send young Americans to die in a foreign war when they cannot even explain why we’re still fighting.
  • End the war in the Middle East, and bring our troops home.

Taking Care of American Veterans

  • Those who served this nation honorably deserve dignity and respect from our leaders in Washington, but they do not receive such treatment.
  • I will work to rebuild healthcare system for veterans, so that VA Hospitals are effective at treating every serviceman and woman who has dutifully served America.
  • I am also committed to addressing the mental health crisis among American veterans, which costs us the lives of 20 veterans who die by suicide every day.

Ending Abortion

  • In a century, we will look back upon abortion in America as one of this nation’s greatest atrocities. The right to life is guaranteed to every American.
  • I will push Congress and the GOP Establishment to defund Planned Parenthood, responsible for the murders of untold numbers of babies, and work to outlaw abortion on a federal level after a heartbeat is detected.